Meet the woman behind the scenes

Yesenia Magdaleno is not only the wife of Joe Magdaleno. She is also the company's officer for all the behind the scene work.


Every great man has a smart woman standing next to him. 

Yesenia Magdaleno is the sole investor in Skye Landscaping Inc. Yesenia helped her husband Joe Magdaleno start off their landscaping business. She strongly believes that her husband's work ethic and vision will not only leave customers happy and satisfied, but it will create future jobs for people who love working in the landscaping field. She does all the behind the scene work which include accounting, hiring, decision making, and other duties as required by the State of California. This is why she is the co-owner of Skye Landscaping Inc. 

"It takes strong, passionate people to really love and understand the beauty of landscaping. I am committed and believe in Skye Landscaping 100%. I'm all in" - Yesenia Magdaleno

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Yesenia Magdaleno, Officer