THE MAN BEHIND the company

Named His Business After his Daughter

Founder and Owner of Skye Landscaping Inc. Jose Magdaleno "Joe" named his Landscaping Business after his Daughter "Isabella Skye". He fell in love with his daughter, and so he named his business after her. 

Joe first became passionate about landscaping while working with his father during the summer's at the age of nine.

He loved spending his time outdoors making people's garden's beautiful, making them green, and putting smile's in people's faces. He even worked for big chain companies doing non landscaping jobs, but always made it a point of going back to smell of fresh cut grass.


 He knew he wanted to dedicate his time and profession to being a landscape contractor designer. So to expand his knowledge he attended some classes at Fullerton College and got his Contractor's License with the State of California. 


Fun Fact's:


  • I love exceeding my customer's expectations

  • I'm a perfectionist when it comes to getting a job done.

  • My favorite part of being a boss is teaching my employee's new technique's. 

  • I'm a critical thinker and problem solver when it come's to the landscaping field, I always try to find answer's to problems. 

CA LICENSE#1028530
  • I'm a landscape geek

  • I've been working doing landscape/gardening since I was nine years old

  • My favorite type of food is Mexican

  • I didn't know my name was Jose until I was in 3rd grade, everyone called me Joe growing up. 

  • I'm part Native American from my mom's side: Blackfoot Indian from Montana. 

  • If I won the lottery, I told my wife I would still work because I love my job.

  • C-27 Landscaping

  • C-61/ D49 Tree Service

  • Bonded

  • Worker's Compensation Covered

  • Commercial Driver's Insurance